Tyler, the Creator posted a video on his Twitter  of him having a jam session with BADBADNOTGOOD. Immediately I was sucked in by the intricate smooth jazz and still completely hip-hop sounds that were coming through my speakers.  BADBADNOTGOOD is an underground group from Canada and its true claim to fame is from a 2 part Youtube series they call the Odd Future Sessions. The nearly 20 minute long live footage shows the trio progressing through various Odd Future tracks from their mixtape, “Radical,” in an intricate jazz style, leaving plenty of room for modulation and carefully placed improve.

The trio consists of a gifted keyboard player, an excellent bassist on both electric and stand-up, and an unbelievable drummer who could easily be confused with a drum machine if you weren’t watching him live. (I myself thought so until I noticed the video.) Another notable point is that the drummer is always wearing a plastic pig mask to cover his face.

BADBADNOTGOOD, simply known as BBNG, has its 12 track mixtape on the group’s website. The songs are of no original music, yet are in true jazz style, interpretations of hip-hop classics by Nas, Gang Starr, ODB, and many more. The 12 cuts bring new life and interest to these iconic beats by keeping them hip-hop at the core, but leaving them just loose enough to flex their musical chops. It’s unreal how tight this unit is. Even in recorded performances, the musicianship of these three young men is something that oozes such a confidence and freshness it is impossible to ignore.

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