Finally Friday


"I was a fan before they were a band"

Album Reviews

Quick note on my rating scale cause it’s odd.

  • a 6.4 or below is 1 star
  • 6.5-7.4 is 2 stars
  • 7.5-8.4 is 3 stars
  • 8.5-9.4 is 4 stars
  • 9.5+ is 5 stars

So the majority of albums rated wind up in the 7.5-8.4 range

The Anthemeers- EP 7.0/10

I was disappointed by this album largely because after reading about the band it was pointed out that the band was pretty large and all members could play multiple instruments. It seemed like a nice recipe for some cool experimental songs and attempts to make something complex and great, but when I listen to the EP the sound is pretty boring. I’m wondering if there are moments on stage where they have like 4 members playing tambourines singing backup.

Chris Letcher- Spectroscope 6.8/10

The cool thing about this album is that it can get kind of chaotic and has a bit of a Sufjan Stevens quality to it. The bad thing is that it ends up being much more like annoying Sufjan Stevens than anything else, but with that being said I could definitely see this guy making more enjoyable records in the future.

M83- Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming 9.2/10

This album jumps right into AOTY talk for me, although this year isn’t very top-heavy. It’s a double disk release full of electronic synthetic pop that effortlessly glides through it’s 80 minute run time. “Midnight City” deserves to become a hit, but there are other great tracks on here like “Ok Pal”, “Claudia Lewis”, and “Steve McQueen”. Another great point in the album is “Raconte Moi Une Histoire”, lasting 4.5 minutes and is of a young girl describing a magical frog to you. Beautiful part in the album.

The Pack a.d.- Unpersons 8.1/10

solid garage rock album, it’s two girls who from every review I’ve read apparently hate being compared to the White Stripes. I do hear that comparison in their music a lot, as well as some early Black Keys, the only difference is this time it’s two girls who are coming across as being undeniably cool. It’s kind of refreshing to hear the female vocals in this style to be honest, and I won’t complain as long as they keep playing loudly.

Rah Rah- Breaking Hearts 8.7/10

This album was originally released in 2010, but fortunately it got re-released this year giving. I hear a lot of Yuck in this band along with a bit of Arcade Fire, they have an energetic Indie Rock sound that suggests they’re a really fun band. Arrows is the opening track on the album and the best track on there, but Communist Man is an extremely fun listen even if it’s only 1:25.

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