What’s a Rubblebucket?

No, it’s not a bucket of rubble.

Nor is it a delicious candy bar.

It’s a band that up until 3 months ago I had never heard of.  It crept into my life and I think it’s here to stay.  From Brooklyn, NY, Rubblebucket has an indie-pop sound that’s becoming prominent in music these days.

 But I believe it has a little somethin’ that makes it stand out next to bands like Foster The People who blew up with the track “Pumped Up Kicks.” (You know you love this song.)

So what do they have that other bands don’t?  Nothing too crazy except their blend of melodies coming from trumpets, trombones, woodblocks, saxophones and instruments I’ve never even heard of like the Moog and Clavinet.  In addition, the lead singer Annakalmia Traver, has a uniquely soothing yet energetic voice that helps to create a type of sound that catches my ear and makes me feel good.

When I first gave a look and listen to Rubblebucket’s humorous video for “Came Out of a Lady” (below)  I enjoyed myself.  With some funky beats mixed in, it’s a light song that gives me no reason not to like it.  Then I finally got to listening to the full album, Omega La La released June 21, 2011, and I heard something even deeper.  The first track, “Down in the Yards” caught me by surprise.  I heard more of a trance sound that reminded me of a strange mixture of Animal Collective with a hint of Anathallo.  It was awesome!  Reading more into the band and the album, this all made perfect sense.

Band leader and trumpet player Alex Troth began developing a dance band with elements of psychedelic indie rock that would turn into the band Rubblebucket.  Right, right.  Omega La La, the third full length album was recorded and produced by Eric Bruocek who works with LCD Soundsystem and mastered by Joe Lambert who does work with Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors.  Like the way this sounds?

If  so, then check out the video for “Came Out of a Lady” below and tour dates and free downloads at http://rubblebucket.com/ 

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