yo soy’s musica miercoles


hey guys

my names yo soy, and i just relocated to pine hills in albany. aka home of wcdb. i used to be a jolly r.a. but they were all herbs so i moved downtown and it turns out that the jason kushner o.g. murda man is my neighbor, and one thing led to another……so now to buy my silence he’s letting me post on this blog.

u know how all the alt trendy kids have a weekly music post? well j-kush gave me miercoles (thats “mittwoch” 2 all u germans out there) to post some music, but that was a couple of days ago and honestly i work on my own schedule. so i’m going in on friday. like rebecca black. i slept with her once. she was like a dead fish.

anyway more about me im from tully which is a small town in upstate argentina, right on the spanish border. i play lacrosse with them but they’re so bad at it. i wish i was back in el tully right now honestly, to be w my own people hablando espanyol. it’s pretty great. nobody here understands me, so i hope that via my music i can relate.

zuzuka poderosa – thriller beats [via soundcloud]

these guys are called zuzuka poderosa which means “powerful bazooka” in my mother tongue. this is a pretty cool song. i was thrilled by it but rip mike jackson u know, even though he wasn’t hispanic, poss a good guy?

ok so up next tenemos some new genre of music called moombahtin. it’s really good, kind of like french filter space disko:

diplo + dillon francis (con maluca) – que que [via urtube]

this is cool. i like it when she says “ven por mi casa pa que yo te enseno”. that basically means “i really think ur a sweet guy and i’d like to get to know you”. that’s all i really want in life, is a sweet guy.

finally, here’s a cool indie band. that kid j-kush showed them to me. it reminds me of him. they’re called que caro which means super expensive in afghani. i’ve never listened to them tho:

que caro – alameda [via youtube]

that girl is really hot isn’t she? but this song isn’t in spanish so i can’t understand it. oh well.

i miss skiing with the bolivians.

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