Is Bill Pullman the greatest President to ever fictionally hold office?

For your consideration:

One Bill Pullman from Roland Emmerich’s personal masterpiece, Independence Day.

Hail to this Chief m'fers

Now, there’s no need to bring up any real man to hold office as a contender for the title of “greatest”. That would just be silly and unfair, considering ol’ Abe Lincoln never had the screenwriters for the U.S. Godzilla and the Day After Tomorrow writing for him. So in terms of general pimpin’ speeches, the fictional world has a real leg up. Case in point:


I would go to war for you, Mr. President.


Shit, he's already beat me to it


The challenge has been thrown out there. The gauntlet laid down. Someone please name a President who did more for his country than this man.


Wait, isn’t this a music blog?


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