B-Fargz reviews stuff

I used to have to listen to Mike Campana pop a woody about how awesome
Jeff Buckley is all the time, now I have to listen to him on a fucking CD
too? This is bullshit; is there any justice in the world? Apparently not.
All semi-kidding WCDB-related hatred aside, the new EP by Secret Release
is a great start to another band with roots that trace back to everyone’s
favorite radio station.
Let me point one thing out really fast. The band is called Secret Release,
which to me, screams ejaculation joke. Also, they titled this EP Coitus
Interuptus, which you don’t have to be a Greek language scholar to figure
out the meaning of. Awwww yeah, this is baby makin’ music.
It starts off with “Voorhessville” (more like “Boorhessville”! Amiright?
I’m sure Dan Maddelone is telling me to shut the fuck up right now).
Anyway, the song uses an interesting interplay of the bass and guitar
switching off with one-another within the mix, which is certainly an
attention grabber. The next track “Middle Aged” has a country-tinged
guitar pattern that is very befitting to Campana’s vocals. I find this
song to be way less irritating than I find half the members of this band
in person—which really says a lot.
“Atlit Yam” (which for all intents and purposes to me is some sort of baby
makin’ code), appears to be the EP’s soft and cuddly track. Campana croons
softly over the music—which is something he probably ripped off from Conor
Oberst. This band is horrendously musically tight and they really sync
well with one another. For some strange reason the rhythms in this song
remind me of “Timothy Hay” by MeWithoutYou.
“Sleeper” is the next big radio hit on WCDB. Easily the song with the
most “power” (for lack of a better word) on the EP, that includes
distorted vocals and jaunty guitar parts, hipsters are going to eat this
shit up. Dan Maddelone’s drumming shines through on this track like his
bright red hair on a sunny day.
“Claire” is the obligatory acoustic track on the new indie band’s EP.
Included is the cracking of a beer, whistling and thoughtful finger
plucking of strings over softly sung vocals. The song gradually gets
louder and—this is not me bullshiting and being a dick like in the rest of
this review—does remind me of Bright Eyes for whatever reason.
Secret Release is bound to be the next big Albany basement band that
everyone loves getting drunk and singing along to, and with good reason.
Despite being questionable people and really annoying as a whole, their
actual music is good and fun and makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Except
the drums. FUCK YOU, DAN!


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