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Kingston University graduate Tim Sanders’ Microscopic Vinyl Record Groovesproject is a winner. Firstly, becuase it eases one of the mysteries in my own brain: how does a piece of plastic actually play music. And secondly, because the combination of dedicated documentation and visual know-how make the final piece absolutely worthy. In the artist’s own words, the piece shows “two full rotations of the grooves within three different genres of vinyl records. This allows the viewer to see and understand how audio is translated when pressed into a vinyl record. The patterns of grooves are explained and compared between genres of music.” Groovy. via it’s nice that

Artist Spotlight : First Class (Ace Gifted, Jo Biggs & Just)

First Class is a hip hop group composed of rapper Ace Gifted, Jo Biggs and producer Justin “JUST” Lindsay. The group was formed in late 2009 after the three collaborated on a mixtape(“Popular Demand”).
In 1998, Ace Gifted (A.J. Everett) and Jo Biggs (Jovar Bell) met in 7th grade at William S. Hackett Middle School in Albany,NY. When they entered Albany High School Biggs was already a part of a rap group which Ace would later join. Members of the group changed over time but the two remained. All members would eventually go solo in 2005. In mid 2006 Ace joined Kloq:worK Ent.(a montage of the most talented local artists,producers and engineers). Biggs would also join Kloq:worK Ent. in late 2006. At this time Justin “Just” Lindsay was the head of Kloq:worK Ent. This is where the three would first work together.
Together the three form First Class and aim to put Upstate New York into the eyes and ears of the mainstream media. First Class fits well into the main stream hip hop scene as they pave their own way. Their versatility allows them to make radio-friendly music while maintaining their status among today’s top lyricists.
In 2010, First Class signed with 1 Luv Music Group, they are currently working on their debut album (untitled) with their first single “Dont Blame Me”. DJ Iroc (Official DJ for Alicia Keys) stated, “…these boys got it! As far as I’m concerned I would put them up there with J. Cole, Jay Electronica and Drake!” Album scheduled to be released early 2011.

heres new music from the group, called “PUSH“. This is certified heat! It’s already made its way into our rotation, soon to become a favorite of yours.

Shout out to the homie DJ Show for putting me on.

Panda Bear at Governor’s Island

On September 11th around 8pm I headed over to Governor’s Island to take in some of the most unique music I’ve heard in a while in a powerful environment. Getting off the water taxi, I had a clear view of the Sept. 11th memorial lights shining from Ground Zero. The ambiance surrounding that made for a really memorable concert. Nothing I can say here can give justice to the full experience but here are some of my (incoherent at times) thoughts:

Teengirl Fantasy was one of the openers for Panda Bear. Reigning from my roommate’s hometown in New Jersey, they delivered what any concert-goer would want to hear from an opener. Heavy beats and dub-house cuts got the crowd energized. My only qualm is that they were followed by co-opener Gala Drop from Portugal. The first few tracks from Gala Drop were interesting and kept the crowd wanting more but as their set progressed the music and the crowd’s attention span digressed. Everyone got a little antsy waiting through their set and yelling/booing ensued.

Panda Bear finally took the stage around 11pm. Coming out in a gray sweatshirt it was all about the music from the beginning. He opened with “Drone” which slowly faded into “Daily Routine”. Teasing the audience, Panda Bear would play chunks of “Daily Routine” he knew the crowd would know and then quickly revert back into newer material. All of his new stuff was some of the most original and enjoyable music I’ve heard in at least the past year. The lighting (especially in “Comfy in Nautica”), extreme amounts of fog, and the video piece added to the phycidelic feel. One of my favorite pieces live was “Ponytail” which exemplified Panda Bear’s art of mixing textures with captivating harmony.

Daily Routine
Guys Eyes
Surfer’s Hymn
Comfy In Nautica
Slow Motion
Last Night At The Jetty
You Can Count on me

Alsatian Darn
I Think I Can/Chores

UA Criminologist Blames Jay-Z For Criminals Wearing Yankees Caps?

One criminologist said the trend might be a result of what could be called the Jay-Z effect. The rapper Jay-Z has worn a Yankees cap for years — on his album covers and in his videos — and has helped turn the cap into a ubiquitous fashion accessory for urban youths (“I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can,” he boasts in one song).

Criminals might be wearing Yankees merchandise not because they are fans of the team, but because they are fans of the cocked-hat look popularized by Jay-Z and other rappers, said the criminologist, Frankie Y. Bailey, an associate professor at the University at Albany, who is writing a book about the role of clothing and style in criminal cases.
Full Story : New York Times