School is out for the summer here at SUNY Albany, but that does not mean WCDB shuts down. Most of our student DJs love the radio station so much that they don’t want to leave Albany when classes are over and they hang around just so they can keep on broadcasting. Because of that WCDB is able to broadcast all throughout summer, bringing you the best in alternative Music.

Over the summer we have a number of new shows coming up and some of the scheduling has been changed around a bit. New shows include Wake up with the Night Owl, which starts at 5am on Monday so you can wake up with the best in funk, R&B, and Motown. Also the comedy show Alternative to Sleeping hosted by Ethan Ulman has moved to 10pm on Thursdays. Be sure to check this out, he does an incredibly funny show, and has a bunch of really great interviews lined up this summer.

You can check out our entire Summer Schedule at

And if you are looking for things to do over the summer we are giving away a bunch of tickets for a whole mess of great bands like Cake, Interpol (a favorite of mine), Thrice, Public Enemy, and many more. WCDB will also be hosing a bunch of shows over the summer and into the next school year. Check out our facebook page WCDB Presents for shows coming up.

I hope you enjoy your summer, and stop back here soon for more of whats going on at WCDB.

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