So the new iPod commercial has a lovely song playing in it and after minimal internet researching, I found out it’s a GROUPLOVE song!

Their first release, “Colours” made a big splash on radio airwaves several months ago and  it continues to be a hit.  Their first EP titled Grouplove (2010) features this track as well as their full length album that released this past September, Never Trust a Happy Song.

Check out both “Colours” and “Tongue Tied,” which plays in the commercial.

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4 Responses to GROUPLOVE is GOOD!

  1. thegeneral104 says:

    This is Adam’s cousin lol

  2. melissabunning says:

    That’s awesome! Time to start working on getting a promo recorded!!

  3. kylewcdb says:

    It’s a cool song, but that Ipod commercial comes on way to damn much. Starting to make me sick of it cause I hear it every 15 minutes when I watch tv

  4. melissabunning says:

    Haha well at least they don’t include that one lame girl rapping part in the commercial. Then it would really be annoying.

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